Map And Locations

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Map And Locations

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:19 pm

Here is the map:

Below I'll provide information about each of the different locations. They'll be brief, because I don't want to bore you to death!

Sinners Prison
This is the starting point of your adventure. This is where you get combined with an animal, and where you are held until you escape.

Path To Victory
This is the main forum of Moiety, where the story moves along.

The Cabin
This is a forum to take a break from the main story and to relax. You can be OC or IC, as long as you specify in the title of your topic.

The Fortune Teller.
One of the Guardians , Terra, causes havoc and whips up natural disasters . The Fortune Teller will warn you of these in advance.

Palace Of Judgement
This is where you speak to Judex to convince him to separate you and your animal. This is the ending point of your journey. To be able to speak to him, you need to be nominated "The Saviour" by Misericops. Misericops nominates one animal-human to be "The Saviour " a year, based on a number of factors. These include how much you contribute to the story , how your behaviour is to the moderators are, how your behaviour is to the players, and many more.

Miserocops is the merciful Guardian, and the only Guardian who is helpful. She will give you tips and tricks to aid you on your way.


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