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What To Do

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:02 pm

Hi there!
You've read over the rules , familiarised yourself with the basics, and now you're wondering......
Erm, exactly what do I do?

Well actually, its easier than you think! Nobody's an ugly duckling in Moiety Magic- you can jump in and enjoy roleplaying after completing these simple steps!

1. Go in The Sinners Prison Forum.
Ok, so the plot starts in the Sinners Prison, where you will be combined with an animal and held prisoner. Eventually ( with Misericorps help) you'll escape.
So go to the sinners prison forum , where your story begins. To find more about the plot, go to the topic Plot. Very well named, I'm sure you can agree.

2. Go to the Moiety Magic topic, and choose what animal you want to be combined with.
Misericops, the merciful Guardian, is tasked with the job of using Moiety Magic (combining a human with an animal). On the topic Moiety Magic,she will ask what animal you want to be combined with. Answer her question. The current species you can be combined with are :


Just post what animal you want to be combined with , and you're done! Make sure you like your animal though, as you won't be able to change it. If you do, you will be punished , and we don't want that!

3. Go to the Grand Escape Topic
This is where you'll escape the prison. You can do it in a group or be solo, but please try and make it realistic. Like, don't post " I found a secret door and I went through it. I had escaped." Details, please!

4. Explore!
Now, go and explore! Personally, I'd suggest going to the road to victory forum first, as its the main forum. However, the Cabin is a great place to relax. The Cabin has 2 parts, OC and IC, where you can chat freely in or out of character. Just remember, the rules still apply !

   I hope this has helped you to get your head around the game. If you have any more questions, look more around the Newcomers section or send me, the Admin a PM.

Happy Roleplaying!


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