Plot And The Three Main Guardians

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Plot And The Three Main Guardians

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This was once a peaceful, picturesque kingdom
Now it's hell.

   The Guardians are unhappy with the humans and animals on earth.To punish these 2 races,  they use Moiety Magic on them - resulting in  animal and humans living in the same bodies . These two races hate each other, but are forced to collaborate.

    Your purpose is to travel to Edenia, where the Guardians reside, and get them to separate you and your animal. And , along the way, you're going to have to befriend your animal, whether you like it or not.

    We didn't say it would be easy.

The 3  Guardians
These are the main guardians ou'll need to know. Some will help you, some will hurt you. Regardless, you'll need to know what to expect.

 Misericors - The Wise And Merciful

  Misericors is the guardian that spreads happiness, keeps the peace and gives mercy on those that sin. True to her nature, she has forgiven Humans and Animals, and detests the punishment that has been given to you. She cannot do anything major to help you , but can aid you with advice & wise words.Strangely, she is the only guardian that is an angel.

Judex- The Judge
  Whilst Terra has the power, and Misericops the intelligence , Judex is your last hope to change the deccison. He is the only one able to make decisive changes and punishments. With luck, you might be able to convince him to revert your punishment. Put remember- he is a judge in nature , and will treat you the Guardians the same as you. He is, after all, the one who approved using the Moiety Magic.

Terra- the one in tune with the earth
 Terra is the most passionate about the decision. She'll be your most deadly obstacle, creating natural disasters once every month. Her tsunami's,  floods , earthquakes and tornadoes could heavily injure you if you don't prepare accordingly.


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